R6: Siege Random

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v0.1 First version of R6: Siege - Random operator + loadout.
v0.2 Changed loadout for IQ and Capitão (changes Operation Velvet Shell).
v0.3 Operators Mira and Jackal (Operation Velvet Shell) added.
v0.4 Changed loadout for Ash, Thermite, Fuze and Jackal (changes Operation Health).
v0.5 Changed loadout for Bandit, Jäger, Jackal, Glaz, Montagne, Fuze and Blitz (changes Operation Blood Orchid).
v0.6 Operators Lesion, Ying and Ela (Operation Blood Orchid) added.
v0.7 Added filter option to disable the DLC operators you don't own.
v0.8 Changes to Kapkan and Ela (BO Mid-Season Reinforcements) added.
v1.0 Application is mobile friendly.
v1.1 Operators Vigil, Dokkaebi and Zofia (Operation White Noise) added.
v1.2 Changes to Bandit and Lesion (WN Mid-Season Reinforcements) added.
v1.3 Operators Finka and Lion (Operation Chimera) added.
v1.4 Separate page for Outbreak event added. Suggested by a player
v1.5 Changed loadout for Ela, Kapkan and GSH-18 (changes Operation Chimera).
v1.6 Changed loadout for Lion, Blitz, Hibana and Ying (changes Update 1.2).
v1.6.1 Swap the position of Attacker and Defender on the home page and in the menu. Suggested by a player
v1.7 Add random playstyle to attackers (Rush and Slow Push) and defenders (Anchor and Roam). Suggested by a player
v1.8 Operators Alibi and Maestro (Operation Para Bellum) added.
v2.0 Recruit added to defenders and attackers. With disable option.
v2.1 Changed loadout for Finka, IQ and Dokkaebi (changes Update 2.2).
v3.0 (BETA v1.0) Generate a random five-man team of operators. Suggested by a player
v3.1 Operators Clash and Maverick (Operation Grim Sky) added.
v3.2 Operators Kaid and Nomad (Operation Wind Bastion) added.
v3.2.1 Additional tweaks from Operation Wind Bastion added.
v3.3 Operators Mozzie and Gridlock (Operation Burnt Horizon) added.
v3.4 Operators Warden and Nøkk (Operation Phantom Sight) added.
v3.5 Operators Goyo and Amaru (Operation Ember Rise) added.
Coming up:
vX.X Add starting operators to filter. Suggested by a player